First country record of Atractus medusa (Serpentes, Dipsadidae) in Ecuador

Diego F. Cisneros-Heredia, Ana Romero


We present the first country record of Atractus medusa Passos, Mueses-Cisneros, Lynch & Fernandes from Ecuador, based on a specimen collected at Tundaloma, province of Esmeraldas, Ecuador (1º10’57.7” N, 78º45’10.1” W, 55 m). Atractus medusa was recently described based on a single specimen from Gorgona Island,  Colombia, and this new locality is the second known for the species, the first record for Ecuador, and represents an extension of A. medusa’s geographic range of ca. 207 km SSW from the type locality (Passos et al. 2009). We present information on the scamation, colouration, and natural history of this rare ground snake. 


Reptilia; Serpentes; Dipsadidae; Atractus; Ecuador; Colombia; distribution; natural history

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