Composition and diversity of anurans from rock outcrops in the Caatinga Biome, Brazil

Deborah Praciano de Castro, João Fabrício Mota Rodrigues, Daniel Cassiano Lima, Diva Maria Borges-Nojosa


We provide a list of anurans from an open area of Caatinga stricto sensu, state of Ceará, Brazil. Fieldwork was conducted from July 2010 to July 2011 by sampling the reproductive sites. In total, 19 frog species were recorded, distributed in 13 genera and five families. The number of species found in our study represents 34.5% of the 55 anurans registered for the state of Ceará. The recorded anurofauna is widely distributed and is typical of open areas. One of the species found in our work is more associated with the Cerrado biome (D. rubincundulus). The group of species we recorded represents a subset of the species pool of the Caatinga. Our paper contributes to the knowledge of lowland Caatinga sites outside protected areas

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