On the distribution of the endemic Boettger’s Colombian Treefrog, Dendropsophus columbianus (Anura: Hylidae) with distribution extension in Southwestern Colombia

Hector E. Ramirez-Chaves, Gustavo Adolfo Pisso-Florez, Andrés Felipe Liévano-Bonilla, Fernando Ayerbe-Quiñones, Marvin Anganoy Criollo, Elkin A. Noguera-Urbano


We reviewed the distribution of Dendropsophus columbianus and introduce three new marginal localities for the upper Patía River basin, the western slopes of the Central Cordillera (Quintana, Popayán municipality) and the western slopes of the Western Cordillera in Department of Cauca, Colombia. The Patía River record extends its distribution 40 km airline south to previous known records and Quintana record extends the altitudinal distribution in 160 meters. One locality of these records constitutes also the lowest confirmed elevation known for the species (700 m a.s.l.) in the Andean region and the validation of the distribution of the species in different river basins (Patía and San Joaquín rivers). We also reviewed extra-distributional records from two localities (Quimarí and Guapi) in the Caribbean and Pacific regions of Colombia, available in literature. Specimens from Quimarí were re-identified as D. phlebodes, whereas the locality of specimens from Guapi is considered here dubious. Using validated localities, we built a distribution model corroborating its high association to Andean ecosystems in the Western and Central cordilleras of Colombia. The potential distribution of the species extends from Nariño to Antioquia following the Cauca River basin. Although the model shows that the presence of D. columbianus in Antioquia and Nariño is likely, the northern and southern boundaries of the species distribution is unclear due to the absence of records. We hope that the results of future expeditions enable to verify the presence of the species in those regions.

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