First record of Rhinella ocellata (Günther, 1858) (Bufonidae) for the state of Bahia, northeastern Brazil

Marco Antonio de Freitas, Ednilza Maranhão Santos, Fabiana Oliveira de Amorim, Gleymerson Vieira Lima de Almeida


The family Bufonidae Gray, 1825 has a naturally wide distribution, with the exception of Australia, Madagascar and the oceanic regions. The genus Rhinella Fitzinger, 1826 comprises 91 species distributed in North, Central and South America (Frost, 2016). Rhinella ocellata (Gunther, 1858) including the Rhinella margaritifera group which currently consists of five species: This work presents the first record of Rhinella ocellata to Bahia state, northeastern Brazil.

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