Diversity and distribution of anurans among different vegetation physiognomies in a savannah landscape in Brazil Central

Eduardo Oliveira Pacheco, Sarah Mângia, Diego Santana


The Cerrado is a domain considered priority for conservation and provides wide environmental heterogeneity, harboring species with different ecophysiological needs. This landscape has been suffering several changes, and it is necessary surveys to better knowledge of local biodiversity. We conducted an inventory between 11 and 20 February 2011 and sampled different physiognomies in the northeast of Goiás State, Brazil. We found 27 amphibian species distributed in five families:  Hylidae (12), Leptodactylidae (11), Bufonidae (2), Odontophrynidae (1) and Strabomantidae (1). We observed significant differences between forest and open areas species composition. Our study comprised species found in areas often neglected in studies contemplating this issue, such as anthropic use zones, especially for not being protected areas.

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