Boiga guangxiensis Wen, 1998 (Serpentes: Colubridae) feeding on Draco blanfordii in Yunnan, China

Cameron Wesley Hodges, Evan D. Amber, Colin Thomas Strine


The Boiga genus is broadly distributed throughout tropical Asia and Australia, however, the natural history of most species remains understudied. Laboratory and fecal observations of Guangxi cat snakes (Boiga guangxiensis) suggest predation upon birds, lizards and small mammals. However, natural prey items and feeding behaviors in the field have not been definitively described. Here, we report an ­in-situ observation of a B. guangxiensis capturing and ingesting a Blandford’s flying lizard (Draco blanfordii) in a limestone forest in Yunnan, China. We documented the entire event with video and photography. Our observation is the first to note a B. guangxiensis predation event under natural conditions, as well as extends the range for B. guangxiensis to a new province in China. We confirm that B. guangxiensis feeds on lizards in nature, and specify that they are able to catch arboreal species.

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