Lizards (Lacertilia) from Paraíba state, Northeast, Brazil: current knowledge and sampling discontinuities

Lissa Dellefrate Franzini, Izabel Regina Soares Silva, Daniel Oliveira Santana, Fagner Ribeiro Delfim, Gustavo Henrique Calazans Vieira, Daniel Oliveira Mesquita


We compiled a list of lizard species from the state of Paraíba, Northeast Brazil to systematize and widen the knowledge about the lizard fauna in that state, which is still poorly known in most of its municipalities and has never been systematized in a species list.  We considered data from the literature and the major scientific collections that house specimens from the state of Paraíba and we gathered a total of 2,767 records for 48 municipalities, corresponding to 36 lizard species of 27 genera and 12 families. The capital, municipality of João Pessoa, presented the highest number of species records. This number of records is a result of a high sampling effort, which is probably a consequence of the higher number of reptile specialists working in this municipality, which have for long contributed to the scientific knowledge on the region. Most of the records come from municipalities with protected areas near research centres, which are usually more accessible. In the remaining municipalities, sampling is still deficient, mainly in regions of the Caatinga domain. We calculated the evolutionary distinctiveness (ED) of the lizard species compiled in the study and verified that Diploglossus lessonae, Coleodactylus meridionalis, Lygodactylus kuglei, Iguana iguana and Salvator merianae represent important evolutionary histories in the biodiversity of the state.

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