The anurans and squamates of a peri-urban Cerrado remnant in the State of Goiás, Central Brazil

Werther Pereira Ramalho, Jefferson Rocha Silva, Philip Teles Soares, Denes Ferraz, Filipe Viegas Arruda, Vitor Hugo Mendonça do Prado


We present information about richness and composition of anurans and squamates in environments of a peri-urban remnant in the central region of the Brazilian Cerrado. Between September 2016 and May 2017, we sampled eight sites within different phytophysiognomies through active search and pitfalls traps. We registered 20 species of anurans, which were found mostly in wet environments and open areas; and 17 species of squamates, with greatest richness in the Cerrado sensu stricto. Five species of anurans and eight of squamates were exclusive of one phytophysiognomy. Nine anurans, two lizards and three snakes are endemic from the Cerrado biome. Despite the low species richness, attributed to the anthropogenic pressure exerted by urban expansion, the presence of species typical from the Cerrado highlights the importance of even small remnants for the conservation of the biodiversity in this biome.

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