A preliminary study on the biology of the Diadem snake (Spalerosophis diadema), from Iran (Reptilia: Colubridae)

Reza Yadollahvandmiandoab, Daniel oliveira Mesquita, Haji Gholi Kami


Abstract. Iran possesses varied climatic and geographical conditions leading to a rich biodiversity. The Diadem snake, Spalerosophis diadema, is one of the non-venomous oviparous snakes of the family Colubridae, with a wide distribution in Iran. We performed an investigation on the biology of S. diadema in Iran from 2014 to 2015. We examined a total of 62 specimens from zoological museums and collections. We studied the morphologic, morphometric and meristic characters, and also diet, habitat, reproduction and behavior of S. diadema. To our knowledge, this is the first report on biology of S. diadema from Iran and it provides basic useful information that may be used for population studies.

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