A first look at frogs within Boana calcarata-fasciata and Boana geographica species complexes from Colombia

Fabio Leonardo Meza Joya, Eliana Ramos Pallares, Carlos Andres Hernandez Jaimes


The use of molecular data in systematics has dramatically improved our ability to discover cryptic species in many taxonomic groups and geographical regions. However, the extent of cryptic diversity remains unknown, particularly in tropical areas of high diversity such as the Amazon Basin. Here we incorporate additional genetic and morphological data for some Colombian specimens within the Boana calcarata-fasciata and Boana geographica species complexes, as a preliminary step towards investigating its hidden diversity in the country. Our results support the presence of B. alfaroi and validate the presence of B. calcarata in Colombia, and show that Colombian specimens assigned to Boana geographica corresponds at least to one candidate species, tentatively named B. cf. geographica 1. These findings highlight the urgent need for a comprehensive taxonomic revision of Colombian specimens belonging to these species complexes.

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