Anurans of anthropogenic areas and remnants of Semideciduous Forest in western State of Paraná, Brazil

Peterson Trevisan Leivas, Pedro de Oliveira Calixto, Cris Hiert, Michel Varajão Garey


Here we present the first species list of anurans in western Paraná, which represent an important contribution to the recognition and distribution of biodiversity. The regional species list was compiled based on field records, data from specimens deposited in museums and literature records in the counties of Cascavel, Céu Azul, Foz do Iguaçu, Matelância, Santa Tereza do Oeste, Santa Terezinha do Itaipu and São Miguel do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil. A total of 36 species were recorded in our study, being 33 species registered in the field and 11 both in museum and literature. Two species were globally classified as Near Threatened and one specie was regionally classified as Critically Endagered. An exotic invasive species was recorded in four counties. Most of the recorded species occured only in open area. The species richness observed in each county was lower than those found in other areas of Semideciduous Forest in the State of Paraná. This was the first study to gather anuran species list from western Paraná, and also considering that many areas in the region had never been sampled before. Then, with the increase of sampling effort, especially in the Iguaçu National Park and other counties the Paraná River bank other species should be added to the species list.

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