The amplectant and aggressive calls and notes on the reproductive behaviour of the Porthole Frog (Charadrahyla taeniopus)

Jose Manuel Serrano


Behavioral context at which reproductive calls, other than advertisement call, are performed by anurans have been rarely studied in depth. The purpose of this manuscript is to describe in detail the vocalization behavior of a frog whose voice was enigmatic until now. Amplexus and encounter calls of the porthole frog Charadrahyla taeniopus (Günther, 1901) are described showing their differences in temporal and spectral characteristics. These calls were registered in a reproductive group of scramble males with a fluctuating social behavior, which was also quantified. The alternation of amplexus and encounter calls of this species is apparently replacing the dual function of advertisement call, i.e., to sustain the attention of females to mate and dispel male competitors. Although the body size of the amplexed couples was related, the body size of the males was not related to the probability of amplexing a female. The mating contexts in which C. taeniopus and the other species of the genus emit the different types of calls, suggest that it could be an adequate model to carry out further research on the evolutionary history of anuran reproductive signals.

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