Composition of anuran species in Parque Natural Municipal Augusto Ruschi in Paraíba Valley, São Paulo, Brazil


Matheus de Toledo Moroti, Mariana Pedrozo, Karoline Ceron, Cristina Pacheco Soares, Ibere Farina Machado


Herein we characterize the anurans community, including species richness, reproductive modes, constancy of occurrence and taxonomic distinction of the anurans community of Parque Natural Municipal Augusto Ruschi (PNMAR) in Paraíba valley, southeastern Brazil. We sampled three distinct points in the area between August 2015 and July 2016. Three methodologies were used for anuran sampling (i) active search, (ii) auditory search, and (iii) search at a breeding site. We recorded 32 species of anurans distributed in nine families, belonging to 19 genera. Including all sampled environments, a greater number of rare species were found, followed by occasional and frequent species. The forest area presented a greater species richness and a greater taxonomic distinction in relation to the open area and the edge of forest. The PNMAR still has a large part of its original vegetation cover, which provides different microclimatic conditions of its surroundings, providing support capacity for species restricted to forest areas. In this work, we reinforce the need to sample localities in the southern portion of the Serra da Mantiqueira in the Paraíba Valley region, which besides harboring species endemic to the Atlantic Forest and which only use preserved fragments, may harbor new distribution records and species not yet described.

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