Predation of Scinax garbei (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1926) (Anura: Hylidae) by the wandering spider Ctenus sp.  (Araneae: Ctenidae) in the Southeastern of Perú

Cinthya Ysabel Salas, Lesly Mercedes Lujan, Oscar Magdiel Quispe


We observed a female adult Ctenus sp. eating an individual of Scinax garbei. The spider bited the frog and paralyzed it. The place of the observation was near Chocoriari village, in the Echarate district, La Convencion province, Cusco department, in southeast Perú. (11°57'35.69"S; 72°56'37.56"O; 404 masl.)The spider was collected and deposited in the scientific collection of the Museum of San Agustin National University (Ctenus sp. MUSA-AR 102). Although the amphibian was determined, it could not be preserved due its advanced stage of decomposition caused by the spider venom. Only the spider was measured in situ (Cephalothorax 12.8 mm; abdomen 11.3 mm; total length 24.1 mm). allowed us to calculate the snout-vent length of the frog (33.2 mm), approximately 1.4 larger than the spider. We present the first report of predation on Scinax garbei by the wandering spider Ctenus sp

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