New records of amphibians (Anura: Megophryidae, Ranidae) from Dien Bien Province, Vietnam

Truong Quang Nguyen, Anh Mai Luong, Huy Quoc Nguyen, Dzung Trung Le, Son Lan Hung Nguyen


We provide an updated list of 10 species of the family Megophryidae and 18 species of the family Ranidae from Dien Bien Province, Vietnam. Among them six poorly known species of megophryid frogs and seven species of ranid frogs are recorded for the first time from Dien Bien Province, namely Leptobrachium chapaense, Leptobrachella sungi, L. ventripunctatus, Megophrys microstoma, M. palpebralespinosa, M. parva, Amolops compotrix, Hylarana erythraea, Odorrana chapaensis, O. jingdongensis, O. graminea, Rana johnsi and Sylvirana cubitalis. Based on a new amphibian collection from this province we provide descriptions of newly recorded species.

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