Sexual dimorphism of Testudo tortoises from an unstudied population in northeast Greece

Konstantina Makridou, Charalambos Thoma, Dimitrios Bakaloudis, Christos Vlachos


Sexual dimorphism in tortoise species is prominent, but may vary geographically. Here, we investigated sexual dimorphism of Testudo hermanni and T. graeca from previously unstudied populations in northeast Greece. Females of each species illustrated higher mean values in almost all traits and exhibited better body condition than males. The longer tails and smaller plastron found in males of T. hermanni, and the wider anal notch found in males of T. graeca are believed to be linked with mating success and courtship behavior. When compared to other regions, both our species were found to be larger and heavier in most cases. Our results may be used in future comparative studies, providing additional insights for both species.

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