Reproductive characteristics of Afrixalus septentrionalis Schiøtz 1974 and Hyperolius viridiflavus ngorongoriensis Schiøtz 1975 (Anura: Hyperoliidae) from a miombo seasonal wetland in northern Tanzania

Lucinda P Lawson, H. Christopher Liedtke, Michele Menegon, Simon P. Loader


The sub-Sahara African family of reed frogs, Hyperoliidae, has been a consistent challenge for Herpetologists. With high species diversity, extensive cryptic and conversely hyper-variable species, and the difficulty of accumulating data in remote regions, much is unknown about this clade including critical life history data for the vast majority of species. In this study we document egg clutch characteristics for two species found in a seasonal miombo woodland in Northern Tanzania: Afrixalus septentrionalis and Hyperolius (viridiflavus) ngorongorensis. We also compare clutch sizes to all published records in these genera. Egg counts for each species were high for their respective genera. Notably, members of the superspecies Hyperolius viridiflavus have higher egg counts than other recorded lineages within Hyperolius. This work adds to the current understanding of a key natural history trait in a large and complex lineage of frogs, and raises a potential area of future investigation into processes governing clutch sizes.

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