Integrative overview of snake species from Londrina, State of Paraná, Brazil

Raiane Lesley Santos Dainesi, Arthur Diesel Abegg, Paulo Sérgio Bernarde, Bruno Peña Correa, Laís Pio Caetano Machado, Afonso Santiago de Oliveira Meneses, Arthur de Sena Santos


The Municipality of Londrina is located in the northern region of the State of Paraná, and is inserted in the Atlantic Forest Biome, which is considered a hotspot for world conservation. This biome suffers from the loss of natural areas mainly due to urbanization, agriculture and livestock farming. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the knowledge of species occurring in the region for their efficient conservation. Due to its large area and lack of herpetological studies, most of the northern region of the state of Paraná presents gaps in snake records. The present study aims to review the records of snake species for the area of Londrina based on the literature and specimens deposited in scientific collections. Thirty-two (32) snake species were reported, belonging to the families Anomalepididae (1), Boidae (1), Colubridae (4), Dipsadidae (18), Elapidae (2), Typhlopidae (1) and Viperidae (4). In addition, we present an artificial key to the identification of the reported species.

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