New records of the Large-eyed Green Snake, Philothamnus macrops (Boulenger 1895), from Mozambique

William R. Branch, Luke Verburgt, Julian Bayliss, Christoph Kucharzewski, Mark-Oliver Rödel, Werner Conradie


Northern Mozambique is one of the most poorly known regions for herpetofauna in south-eastern Africa and only in the last decade has it received attention in this regard through a series of multi-collaborative biodiversity surveys. These surveys have revealed numerous new herpetofauna species but also species hitherto unrecorded from Mozambique. One of these is the Large-eyed Green snake, Philothamnus macrops, which was previously thought to be restricted to Tanzania and south-eastern coastal Kenya. We present seven new records of P. macrops from northern and central Mozambique, the first collected as early as 1997. Morphological and genetic analysis confirmed the material to be P. macrops, which extends the species’ known geographical distribution range for more than 1000 km towards the south. A historical overview of the species and its currently understood geographical distribution is also provided.

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