First report of pseudohermaphroditism in a salamander

Christopher John Michaels, Daniela Denk, Edmund Flach


Pseudohermaphroditism’, or ‘intersexuality’, is a generalised term referring to an animal with primary sexual characteristics (i.e. gonads) of one sex, but secondary sex characteristics of the other. Although widely reported in a range of taxa, including anuran amphibians, this phenomenon has never been reported from tailed amphibians (Order Caudata). We report a nearly 10 year old pseudohermaphroditic Sardinian brook newt (Euproctus platycephalus), which presented externally as a male, but on post mortem examination was found to contain fully formed ovaries likely capable of follicular cycling. The cause of was unclear, but our report shows that pseudohermaphroditism is possible within the tailed amphibians.

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