The lizards along the road BR-319 in the Purus-Madeira interfluve, Brazilian Amazonia (Squamata, Lacertilia)

Gabriela Marques Peixoto, Pedro Henrique Leitão, Igor Luis Kaefer, Albertina Pimentel Lima


Here we present data on the identity and geographic distribution of lizard species in the Purus-Madeira interfluve, along the road BR-319 in Brazilian Amazonia. We sampled a transect composed by 10 modules located at least 40 kilometres from each other. Data collection was performed through active search on vegetation and leaf-litter along 250 m-long transects, and by occasional encounters. Twenty-four species from 16 genera and eight families were recorded. The present assessment reinforces the importance of this area to the conservation of Amazonian lizard species and can be considered as basis for studies of ecology and environmental impact regarding lizard communities in this threatened region.

Keywords. Amazonas, Brazil, Inambari, Reptiles, Species richness

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