First record of the predation on Bell's False Brook Salamander Isthmura belli (Gray, 1850) by the Yellow-throated Gartersnake Thamnophis pulchrilatus (Cope, 1885) in Western Mexico

Armando de Jesús Fraustros-Sandoval, Aldo Dávalos-Martínez, Verónica Carolina Rosas-Espinoza, Ana Luisa Santiago-Pérez, Paulino Ponce-Campos, Eliezer Iñiguez-Ochoa


This is the first record of predation in the wild on Isthmura belli by Thamnophis pulchrilatus, with this report we are contributing to generate more information about the natural history of both species. The evidence of this event is accompanied by photographs that we obtained during a research project that we are carrying out in the temperate forest in central western Mexico.

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