Distribution, threats and conservation of a Critically Endangered amphibian (Mantella aurantiaca) in Eastern Madagascar

Nicola Piludu, Nicolas Dubos, Julie Hanta Razafimanahaka, Pierre Razafindraibe, Joseph Christian Randrianantoandro, Richard K. B. Jenkins


The golden mantella frog Mantella aurantiaca is a brightly-coloured terrestrial species that is endemic to a relatively small area of humid forest in eastern Madagascar. We present the results of a three-year survey covering the whole known distribution area of the species. Breeding ponds, as well as visible threats to both the pond and the surrounding forest, were recorded. The number of breeding sites increased from 26 in 2010 to 139 in 2013. We show that several threats affect half of the breeding ponds, regardless of the conservation status of the site, and discuss future conservation strategies for the species.


gold mining; baroni; crocea; Mantella; pet trade; protected areas; slash and burn

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