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Biotaxa is a non-profit international collaboration among professional societies, institutions, publishers, museums and libraries for facilitating the publication, enhancing the access and enabling the preservation of journals in biological taxonomy.

Biotaxa provides a publishing platform and online hosting for member publishers. Using Open Journal Systems (OJS), journal editors of participating publishers can have authors submit manuscripts online using a manuscript submission and tracking system within OJS, which considerably eases the entire process of online publication, including peer-review and editorial decisions.

By aggregating many taxonomic journals in a single cross-searching system, Biotaxa defragments the current taxonomic publishing landscape and thus increases the visibility and impact of taxonomic journals.

Biotaxa serves as a third-party archive (ICZN-approved and ZooBank-enabled) for taxonomic journals, enabling e-only publication of nomenclatural acts in taxonomic jounrals and preserving them for future generations. Participating journals may also make their content available through other online systems. Preference will be given to journals publishing current content. Biotaxa encourages the participation of open-access journals but can also host journals with subscriber access. Biotaxa advocates the use of international standard PDF/A to preserve the fixed content and layout of participating journals.

Through international collaboration and sharing of resources and expertise, Biotaxa reduces duplication of efforts and enables small publishers and journals to benefit from the scale of economy.  Biotaxa is sustained by member contributions: financial or in-kind, and managed by representatives from member organisations.

Biotaxa is not a publisher; it is a consortium of publishers and functions as a non-profit member-supported organization. Each participating publisher or journal retains its identity and copyright, and is responsible for editorial decisions and policies, subscription policies and processing of current contents and open-access policies (immediate open-access or delayed open-access). For publishers that opt for delayed open-access, they must provide Biotaxa permanent or irrevocable licence to make the work accessible should they no longer do so before copyright expires.

History. Biotaxa is the brainchild of Dr Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Chief Editor and Founder of Zootaxa. It was first envisaged during a dialogue between Dr Zhang and Dr Mark J. Costello (then Chair of the Council for the Society for the Management of Electronic Biodiversity Data) about the need to archive Zootaxa and build linkages between Zootaxa and other databases, after Zootaxa became the largest journal in taxonomy in mid-2000s.  The idea was further developed at "the 3rd Meeting Scientific Publishing in Natural History Institutions" held at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen in 2010. With the support of Ward Appeltans and Hernandez Francisco of The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), OJS was installed on a VLIZ server and tested in 2011. The name Biotaxa was first made public by Dr Zhang in August 2011 at a public seminar at the School of Environment, The University of Auckland. The seminar was followed by discussions with supportive colleagues from several University of Auckland departments (e.g. Leigh Marine Laboratory, Centre for eResearchUniversity of Auckland Library and School of Biological Sciences). In 2012, Biotaxa went online on a server hosted by Centre for eResearch at The University of Auckland. In early January 2013, Biotaxa formally started with the archiving of the online editions of two founding journals (Zootaxa and Phytotaxa) in PDF/A. Since then, numerous other journals (see lower part of this page) have joined Biotaxa.

Joining Biotaxa. Biotaxa is open to all taxonomic journals or other biodiversity journals related to taxonomy. Publishers who wish to join Biotaxa should contact Dr Zhi-Qiang Zhang (to whom a membership form may also be requested). Members can contribute a membership fee or in-kind support to Biotaxa.

Acknowledgements. This website is hosted by The University of Auckland, and powered by Open Journal Systems. Tehcnical support is provided by the editorial office of Zootaxa at Magnolia Press. The domain name is registered and managed on behalf of Biotaxa by the Data Centre of The Flanders Marine Institute.


About the logo: The background green signifies bio (life). The seven successive lines in forest green represent seven taxonomic ranks (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species) in a hierarchy, with the diagram itself in the form of a phylogenetic tree.

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