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Revision of Bethylidae (Hymenoptera) from New Zealand

Darren Francis Ward


A revision of Bethylidae from New Zealand is presented. This is a region where very few species of Bethylidae have previously been recorded. Nineteen species are listed, with several new genus and species records from New Zealand. New generic records include: Laelius, Rhabdepyris, Cephalonomia, Apenesia, and Parascleroderma. Thirteen new species are described: Goniozus jamiei sp. nov., Goniozus musae sp. nov., Sierola berryae sp. nov., Sierola gilbertae sp. nov., Sierola lucyae sp. nov., Sierola vibrissata sp. nov., Laelius macfarlanei sp. nov., Rhabdepyris tricristata sp. nov., Cephalonomia pinkfloydi sp. nov., Apenesia beggsae sp. nov., Apenesia harrisi sp. nov., Apenesia tofti sp. nov., Parascleroderma azevedonis sp. nov. Species previously recorded from New Zealand include: Chilepyris platythelys Sorg & Walker, 1988, Eupsenella insulana Gordh & Harris, 1996, and Goniozus jacintae Farrugia, 1981, which was introduced as a biological control agent. Sierola antipoda Ashmead, 1900 is tentatively confirmed as present. Plastanoxus laevis (Ashmead, 1893) and Sclerodermus niveifemur (Evans, 1964) are newly recorded from New Zealand as introduced species. Information is given on the distribution and phenology of each species. Collection details reveal some species are widely distributed, and many species are collected throughout the year. Significant areas of the country remain under-collected for Bethylidae and these areas are likely to contain additional new species.

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