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Additions to the Philippine oribatid mite fauna, with description of a new species of the genus Malaconothrus (Acari, Oribatida, Malaconothridae) 

Sergey G. Ermilov, Leonila Corpuz-Raros, Jeremy Naredo


The present study is based on oribatid mite materials (Acari, Oribatida) collected from Luzon, Cebu and Siargao Islands of the Philippines in 2016. A list of identified taxa, including 137 species from 88 genera and 43 families, is presented; of these, eight species (Malaconothrus macrofoveolatus, Hermanniella granulata, Eremobelba breviseta, Pulchroppia granulata, Striatoppia opuntiseta, Suctobelbella (Flagrosuctobelba) multiplumosa, Perxylobates brevisetus, Allogalumna (Globogalumna) biporosa), and one family (Licnodamaeidae) are recorded in the fauna of this country for the first time; three species (Hexachaetoniella japonica, Austrocarabodes lepidus, Porogalumnella quadriporosa) and one genus (Hexachaetoniella) are recorded in the Oriental region for the first time. A new species belonging to the genus Malaconothrus (Malaconothridae) is described from litter on top of fallen log of Luzon Island; M. pseudoadilatatus Ermilov & Corpuz-Raros sp. nov. differs from M. adilatatus Ermilov, Anichkin & Tolstikov, 2014 by the thicker and longer notogastral setae c1c3, cp, d1, d2, e1, f2, h1, thick lamellar setae pressed to the prodorsal surface, adanal setae ad2, ad3 dilated mediobasally with attenuate tips and phylliform epimeral setae 3b, 3c.


Philippines, fauna, malaconothrid mites, systematics, morphology


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