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Ramusella (Dosangoppia) bochkovi (Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae), a new subgenus and species of oribatid mites phoretic on Ceratophyus polyceros (Pallas, 1771) (Coleoptera, Geotrupidae) from Russia

Sergey G. Ermilov, Andrey V. Frolov


A new oribatid mite subgenus, Ramusella (Dosangoppia) subgen. nov. (Oribatida, Oppiidae), with Ramusella (Dosangoppia) bochkovi sp. nov. as type species, is described based on adults phoretic on beetles of Ceratophyus polyceros (Coleoptera, Geotrupidae) collected from southwest of Russia. It is distinguished from other oppiid taxa by the presence of modified leg claws I and II (thick, specifically curved) performing the function of attachment to setae of the beetle hosts at a phoresy. 


oppiid mites, scarab beetles, phoresy, systematics, morphology, southwest of Russia


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