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Updated contribution to the knowledge of Tetranychoidea (Acari: Tetranychidae, Tenuipalpidae) from Syria with reinstatement of genus Nuciforaella Vacante

Mahran Zeity, Nagappa Srinivasa


Sixteen species of Tetranychoidea, 11 Tetranychidae and 5 Tenuipalpidae are reported in this study. Seven of them are recorded for the first time from Syria: Bryobia gigas, Oligonychus afrasiaticus, O. coniferarum, O. pratensis, Cenopalpus rubusi, Tenuipalpus cupressoides and T. punicae. New host plant records are also reported. Reinstatement of the genus Nuciforaella Vacante is discussed in this study. Detailed descriptions of immature stages and female of Nuciforaella nikitensis are given. A key to the known species of the family Tetranychidae from Syria is provided.


Bryobia; Cenopalpus; Eotetranychus; New records; Oligonychus; Nuciforaella; Syria; Tenuipalpus


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