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Existence of tritonymphal stage of Stigmaeus elongatus Berlese (Acari: Stigmaeidae), with numerical variations in some body setae in its adult stage

Sibel Doğan, Salih Doğan, Erhan Zeytun


Tritonymphal stage of Stigmaeus elongatus Berlese (Stigmaeidae) has been described here. Distinguishing features among the adults and three nymphal stages of S. elongatus are presented. The presence of tritonymphal stage within the family is referred for the first time in this study. It is thought that this nymphal stage can occur optionally in response to certain circumstances. It is also given here information on intraspecific numerical variations in some body setae occurring in males and females of S. elongatus.


Immature, life stage, mite, morphology, variation


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