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The genus Graminaseius Chant & McMurtry (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in Turkey with descriptions of two new species and re-description of Graminaseius graminis (Chant)

Ismail Doker, Cengiz Kazak, Kamil Karut


Graminaseius graminis (Chant) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) is the only known species of Graminaseius Chant & McMurtry from Turkey, so far. However, recent surveys indicated that there are two new species present in the country. Graminaseius recebi sp. nov. and Graminaseius neograminis sp. nov. are described and illustrated based on the material collected from eastern Mediterranean and north-western (European part) regions of Turkey, respectively. The new species described here might get misidentified as G. graminis in some previous studies. Therefore, the latter is also re-described and illustrated to show differences between all these three species, based on the material collected from western Turkey (Aegean region).


new species, predatory mites, Phytoseiidae, taxonomy


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