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Description of five new species (Acari: Eriophyidae: Phyllocoptinae: Anthocoptini) associated with the weed Imperata cylindrica (Poaceae) from Egypt

Ashraf Said Elhalawany, James W. Amrine, Eddie Albert Ueckermann


The invasive weed cogon grass Imperata cylindrica (Poaceae) is a perennial grass not only in crops but also in natural areas, causing economic and environmental damages. In this paper, five new eriophyoid mites (subfamily Phyllocoptinae) infesting Imperata cylindrica are described from Egypt: three new species from genus Abacarus (A. imperatus sp. nov., A. aegyptiacus sp. nov., and A. gizaensis sp. nov.) and two new species from genus Aculodes (A. tinaniensis sp. nov. and A. skorackae sp. nov.). These species are vagrants in grooves between veins on the upper leaf surface; no visible damage was observed. However, A. gizaensis was found wandering mainly on upper young leaves, often near the tips causing discoloration of the leaves. Both adult sexes and immature stages are described and illustrated. The genus Aculodes is recorded from Egypt for the first time.


Eriophyoidea, taxonomy, new species, Poaceae, Abacarus, Aculodes.


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