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New phytoseiid mites (Mesostigmata: Phytoseiidae) of Mauritius, with the description of two new species

Francisco Ferragut, Julia Baumann


New phytoseiid mites from Mauritius Islands are being reported, including the description of two new species, Transeius pungi sp. nov. and Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) recurvitremus sp. nov., the description of the male of Phytoseius haroldi Ueckermann & Kreiter, and the redescriptions of two Amblyseius species only known from the type specimens, A. neoankaratrae Ueckermann & Loots and A. passiflorae Blommers. Furthermore, additional and complementary morphological information is provided for other eight species. This work brings the new total number of phytoseiid mites in Mauritius to seventeen species in nine genera.


Acari, taxonomy, new species, Mascarene archipelago


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