The James Allen McMurtry Award 

This award was instituted by the Systematic & Applied Aacarology Society in 2018 in memory of Prof James A. McMurtry—“the father of biological control of mite pests”. It was designed to recognize a living acarologist who has made outstanding contributions to acarine systematics or applied acarology or both. It is hoped that recognising outstanding contributions to acarology is not only a tribute to giants in our science but will also inspire a new generation of young acarologists to follow their steps in advancing acarology. The US$5000 award is presented every 4 years to coincide with the International Congress of Acarology. All nominees are honored with biographies published in Systematic & Applied Aacarology to celebrate their achievements and contributions. A selection committee was formed from acarologists around the world (Qinghai Fan of New Zealand, Farid Faraji of The Netherlands, Tetsuo Gotoh of Japan, Gilberto José de Moraes of Brazil, Eric Palevsky of Israel, Heather Proctor of Canada, Owen Seeman of Australia, Eddie Ueckermann of South Africa, Xiaoyue Hong of China, and Zhi-Qiang Zhang of New Zealand). Nominations for the 2022 round should be sent to one of the members of the selection committee. Nominators are expected to prepare biographies of the nominees.


2018 Awards

Nominees: Gerald Krantz (USA), Evert Lindquist (Canada) and Eddie Ueckermann (South Africa).

Winners: Gerald Krantz (USA) and Evert Lindquist (Canada)